9 February 2021

A Shop Local campaign has been helping Dunbartonshire businesses by encouraging local people to shop local, think local and support local enterprises.


Launched in October of 2020 in response the coronavirus pandemic, the “Loves Local” Campaign has been rolled out in 5 towns across Dunbartonshire including Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Alexandria, Dumbarton and Clydebank.

Funded by Scottish Government via Scotland’s Towns Partnership, the aim of the campaign is to make a positive impact on businesses in and around the towns by encouraging local people to shop and use their local businesses.

Around 175 businesses are now being promoted across 5 new town websites and a social media and advertising campaign has helped to share information about local businesses and encourage local communities to “#ThinkLocalFirst”.

With the latest guidance from the Scottish Government to stay home and to stay local, the Loves Local campaign is now more important than ever with particular emphasis on the many online businesses and takeaways, as well as the essential businesses that can stay open.

Source: ‘Loves Local’ Campaign Boosts Business in Dunbartonshire – Scotland’s Town Centre Recovery Campaign