There are thriving businesses in Balloch, covering many sectors. Not all have shops on the high street and many work from home.


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The aim of Balloch’s digital platform is to provide a fully comprehensive business directory that lists ALL businesses in the area.

When people are persuaded to #thinklocalfirst, we need to make it easy, quick and convenient for them to find what they are looking for locally. Businesses will be listed by name, category and type to make them easy to find. This is a further opportunity for local businesses to showcase what they do.

This website provides a “dofollow” link back to a businesses own website. Google likes this. Balloch.co.uk also links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profiles. It also embeds your products if you sell online. See the Click and Collect section for examples.

If there is a story your business has to tell, it can be told in the news section of Balloch.co.uk.