01 July 2021

We are proud to launch a new website for #BallochLovesLocal on Balloch.co.uk to bring all businesses and the local community in Balloch together. The website has been made possible in a matter of a few weeks, working with our digital partner, Placeity.com, a collaboration of digital industry experts from many disciplines.

The project has been launched as part of the Scotland Loves Local campaign, to encourage local people to #thinklocalfirst and shop local. For Balloch the Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce are working with the Council and Business leaders to deliver the local campaign, along with the Placeity team.

Following the challenges brought about with the months of lockdown during the Corona virus, the Placeity concept was developed as a sustainable solution for a future digital High Street and communities that could embrace digital technology, social media as well as traditional ways of doing business.

Founder of the concept, Tony I’Anson, has been working in digital marketing for over 25 years and provided services to Business Improvement Districts in Scotland for the last 7 years. Tony said “all the team who collaborate with Placeity are passionate about our towns. We are bringing our collective career experience to make sure they are part of the future for the benefit of generations to come.”

The team have the experience to develop a plan that towns need right now as we enter the latter phases of the Covid-19 pandemic, and going forwards into an uncertain economic future.

Placeity has a proven record in assisting places, and many individual business owners, to rapidly develop a robust and innovative on-line and digital presence that focuses on the place and brings better engagement, increased High Street sales and greater visitor numbers.

Placeity help you to put your town at the centre of a new economy.

We are a team of experienced industry collaborators, including place managers, website developers, graphic designers, video production producers, motion graphic developers, copywriters, social media specialists, e-commerce retailers, SEO specialists, social media influencers, PR experts, High Street retailers, industry experts and more.

The team works together, drawing on the exact balance of experience for each project, to ensure a robust and innovative digital solution for each place and its local economy. The most successful projects have the key ingredient of passionate input from the business owners and the local community. The team look forward to working with the people of Balloch to help the future well-being of the town.